The company "NetAssist" is the first Ukrainian participant of IPv6 Internet. Since 2006 IPv6 is implemented in our company in commercial operation and is available to all users - both home and telecom operators.

Internet Protocol version 6 is a new version of the Internet protocol, with an address length of 128 bits instead of 32.

All global global resources are migrating from IPv4 to a newer TCP / IP protocol - IPv6, i.e. Your queries on many sites will open by default faster than with IPv4.

Since 2006, LLC "NetAssist" is a member of the next generation Internet network, based on the IPv6 Internet routing protocol.

Our company was the first who correctly configured IPv6 in Ukraine and the first public free tunnel broker in Ukraine.

Tunnel broker IPv6 is designed for those who want to try to work with the new Internet protocol right now, without waiting for its implementation from your provider. We provide this service for free! Also, each user of the tunnel broker is provided with his own IPv6 network of size / 48.

To work the tunnel, you need to have a public ("honest") IPv4 address. Tunnels work with virtually any operating system or device that supports IPv6. The broker's website contains a large number of different configurations for various operating systems and equipment.

Get your IPv6 address range and access to IPv6 Internet right now!