Registering IP and AS

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The company "NetAssist" is the official broker in the RIPE NCC.
- If you want to sell or buy a block, we legally accompany clients when re-registering blocks of addresses in the RIPE database
- We can help you get the status of LIR, as well as the block / 22 IPv4 addresses, the block / 29 IPv6 addresses and the autonomous system.
One-time payment in RIPE is 2,000 euros, the annual payment is 1,400 euros.
If you choose a payment method quarterly, then the first payment will be 2350 in RIPE.
Our services for obtaining LIR status with a guarantee of receiving all networks, support and advice during the year costs 1000 euro (if payment by bank transfer), or 700 euro (if payment is made in cash).
You make a payment to us after receiving networks.
- We register 16-bit and 32-bit autonomous systems
- In connection with the depletion of the IPv4 address space were the motivating factors for the transition to IPv6, we will help you register a block / 48 IPv6 addresses for you, or give your block to the test for free
- We can offer a channel to different points of Ukraine, and not only!
We solve all the questions that you may have :)

For reference: September 14, 2012, the free supply of IPv4 addresses of the RIPE region (Europe), except for the last network / 8 (16 million addresses), has been exhausted. Thus, the new rules for issuing IPv4 addresses have come into effect.
IPv4 addresses are issued only to those companies that have LIR status only once, and only a network of no more than / 22 (1024 addresses). Provider Independent (PI) addresses are no longer issued.
You can always contact us and clarify the amount of current payments in the RIPE NCC. We will also be able to help with making such payments, since for some countries and companies paying abroad is in itself a rather big problem.
Registration of provider-independent networks (PI) of IPv6 addresses continues, the cost of obtaining an IPv6 PI block of addresses / 48 is 300 Euro, the annual cost of support (including the cost of RIPE NCC services) is 100 Euro.
The annual cost of supporting facilities (existing PI network of any size, autonomous system) is 100 Euros per 1 facility. The cost of the RIPE NCC is included in this figure.
If you have any questions - we will always be happy to answer you!