"Netassist" is directly connected to Tier-1 operator of the core of the world Internet (Telia). Direct connections to traffic exchange points
UA-IX, DTEL-IX, Giganet-IX traffic exchange points - Kyiv, Ukraine; DE-CIX, NL-IX - Frankfurt, Germany; AMS-IX - Amsterdam, the Netherlands; LU-CIX - Bettemburg (Luxembourg), PL-IX - Warsaw, Poland; B | IX, B-IX - Sofia, Bulgaria and DE-CIX - New York, USA.


"NetAssist" leads an open peering
policy, keeps track of transmission routes
traffic to other networks, and constantly
optimizes these routes both in speed,
and the response time of another network.

Thanks to this, your traffic will be delivered by the shortest
by and with the highest possible speed.

We use distributed kernel and system technology
redundancy of power, the greater the fault tolerance of the network, and
respectively, the stability of the services provided to the client.

Can be connected using direct fiber-optic cable.