About company

The company "NetAssist" is one of the largest players in the Moscow telecommunications market, since 2004 it has been providing Internet and digital television access services.

We actively implement, support and make available advanced Internet technologies for successful business and home users. The strength of our company is in employees and technical base.



Our team is constantly
improves the quality
services, and promptly
solves any issues
24 hours a day.

LLC "NetAssist" is registered in the register of NCCR as a communication operator, has a license from NCCR to provide telephone communication services with the right to service communication networks and to lease communication channels for DL No. 000299 from February 23, 2016. (valid for 5 years), license for design and construction works number 2182575 dated December 07, 2012. (valid until 07.12.2017).


The network nodes are located in Kiev, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Moscow.


The company "NetAssist" is an active member of the European organization that distributes Internet resources - RIPE NCC, has the status of a local Internet registry (LIR), an IP-broker and supports more than 1000 RIPE objects.


Since 2006, LLC "NetAssist" is a participant in the Internet of a new generation, based on the Internet-routing protocol IPv6.


"NetAssist" connects high-speed Internet based on its own fiber-optic network using Ethernet technology in apartments, offices, business centers, restaurants, cafes, educational institutions and events.


We are developing with the speed of the Internet and are proud of our specialists, technologies and reputation.